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@ Level 6

As Asian broadcasters move to IP based systems, interoperability is one of the biggest issues facing key technology decisions. With many standards being proposed by manufacturers including AIMS, ASPEN, NMI and NDI, the goal of the IP Interoperability Lab is to show what is working in IP today and highlight interoperability between different manufacturers. The IP Inter-Op Lab will include a live broadcast studio, content editing and distribution to OTT, all IP in real time.

Join the production team to get hands-on experience in content editing and explore distribution to OTT all in IP. We will provide cameras for you to shoot a short video clips in the halls and then return to the lab at your scheduled 45-min session to ingest, edit and stream your content.

Contact Colleen Yong at to book a slot and have a dedicated 45-min session with the experts.

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Be sure to drop by the Broadcast IP Theatre and hear different manufacturers share their latest innovations pertaining to IP. Topics covered include IP Solutions, OTT, 4K IP Cameras, Lightings and many others.

Stay tuned for more information.