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Audio is evolving in the industry with the likes of technologies such as 3D Audio, AoIP, Digital Audio and more. Audio professionals from broadcasting, production / post-production, houses of worships, live events and entertainment production are seeing how these technologies can help Audio create a more dramatic effect on viewers.


Check out the entire audio ecosystem relating to:

  • DAB+
  • HD Digital Radio
  • Immersive Audio Technology
  • Music and Sound Libraries
  • Radio Automation Systems
  • Radio Master Control
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Effects
  • Audio Mixer
  • Audio Post / Mastering
  • Audio Production

The Professional Audio Technology exhibitors that exhibited at BroadcastAsia2016 include:

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pat7 pat8 pat9 pat10 pat11 pat12
pat13 pat14 pat15 pat16 pat17 pat18
pat19 pat20 pat21 pat22 pat23 pat24

Useful Information:

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