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Is virtual reality finally taking off?

It seems like it. Early stage VCs and corporates invested a record US$2 billion into AR/VR startups in the last 12 months, despite the market still being in its earliest stages. JPMorgan Securities forecasts VR to be a US$13.5bn industry by 2020 mainly comprised of hardware sales topping 89.3m units.

Witness how latest technologies in virtual reality can create a revolutionary and immersive experience and how the latest 360-degree camera is one of the best technologies to create an immersive visual experience.

Professionals in industries that are keen in Virtual Reality include..

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Broadcasters
  • Education Institutions
  • Medical Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • Sports Content Owners
  • Game Developers
  • Live Event and Entertainment Production
  • Venue Operators and many others

Stay tuned for the list of confirmed exhibitors!

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