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We are just two weeks away from BroadcastAsia2017. This year, the conference has confirmed 85 experts who will spend three days of their time imparting strategies, experiences and insights to help you cope and address current challenges that you are facing.

Some of these issues to be addressed will include:

  • How do you migrate from PayTV to OTT and growing beyond the traditional market borders
  • The future of content and how technology, in particular, AI will impact/contribute to the content creative space
  • How you could cater content, pricing, business models and user experience with the use of data analytics
  • Is this the time to move to IP? If yes, is it a hybrid world
  • How do you build a complete, adaptable and flexible IP content and delivery network infrastructure
  • UHD vs 1080p: Network capacities / business models / device reach / user experience: What is the right trade-off?

Some of the key sessions not to be missed. Be sure to attend them.

Presentation: The Supply Chain of the Future
  • Understanding how Netflix is helping to build the Digital Supply Chain
  • Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and how it’s being leveraged today in Netflix’s Media Pipeline to support 4K, HDR and Localization for their Global OTT platform
  • Open Source Projects that Netflix has been developing to make the whole industry better prepared for the changing landscape of media operations
Chris Fetner
Director of Global Media Engineering
and Partnerships
Chief Content Officer
Content Is Key,
Content Is King
  • Investing in branded, quality content aimed at multiple revenue streams
  • Recommending content tailored to viewer preferences
  • The future of content and how technology, in particular, AI will impact/contribute to the content creative space
UHD vs 1080p: Network Capacities / Business Models / Device Reach / User Experience: What is the right trade-off?
  • Achieving live, flexible HD, UHD and HDR production workflows and next generation over-the-air transmissions and IP delivery
  • ROI for different networks combinations and resolutions
  • Employing hybrid models with high-capacity linear and on-demand services
Thierry Fautier
Vice President, Video Strategy
President – Chair
Ultra HD Forum
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See you in 2 weeks’ time at BroadcastAsia!

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