“If anything, 2017 seems likely to see more technology evolution and at a faster pace than the year before. The challenge for us all now is to leverage these developments to deliver better business outcomes and better audience experiences in a rapidly changing industry.”
Ericsson – Broadcast Technology Trends for 2017

Truly so, as we usher in a new age of disruption and paradigm shifts in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry, technologies come to the forefront of this evolution.

Hear what our top experts have to say on the future of broadcast technologies 2017 and beyond:
he adoption and development of UHD technology in Asia is much more advanced – especially in North Asia (Japan, Korea and China). The development of all-IP technology based on fully virtualised infrastructure is a natural evolution being embraced by several Asia-Pacific media companies.
- Charles Sevior, Chief Technology Officer, Dell EMC
olution instead of disruption: Some people see IP based systems as a disruption, but really it’s just the evolution of the core technology in the same way as people don’t buy calculators anymore, they have a calculator app on their smart phone.
- Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO, Ideal Systems
ontent remains the king. No one wants to see bad / outdated / poorly shot content. Delivery systems are important only if the content is good. So – first content quality and then delivery systems.
- Aale Raza, Managing Director, Whiteways Systems
ybrid models are a trend we’re seeing throughout markets as there is no golden goose when it comes to video monetization. It’s different for everyone based on their content and their audience, and it requires a bit of exploration and experimentation in order to find the best model.
- Steve Davis, Vice President and General Manager, APJ, Ooyala
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Ideal Systems
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Managing Director
Whiteways Systems
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