Who Should Attend

BroadcastAsia2018 is the must-attend event not only for broadcasters but for professionals from the digital multimedia industries. Join us and see how the innovative technology showcases at the show floor can help capture the future and elevate your businesses.

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Radio Broadcasters

Technology has much impact on radio – quality, engagement and reach. Radio is going multiplatform as broadcasters look at new ways to enhance their content and interact with audiences.

Join fellow CEOs, Station Executives, Operations Managers, Radio Managers, Technical Managers, Engineers, Producers and other professionals in heightening the success for radio broadcasting.

TV Broadcasters / OTT Content Providers

Television has one of the biggest technological advancement with the different ways to reach out to their audiences – cable, satellite, internet and right now the various streaming platforms and mobile. Opportunities and challenges arise as broadcasters and content providers strive to outdo each other to attract audiences.

Join fellow CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Broadcast Engineers, Digital Media Producers, Network Executives, Streaming Media Executives, System Integrators and Transmission Engineers as they search for the latest technologies to improve their broadcasting efficiencies and meet audiences’ demands.

Production / Post Production Houses

Film production has gotten more sophisticated and efficient with the use of breakthrough technologies in motion picture production tools, professional audio, VFx, cameras, mobile phones to immersive technologies and drones. Speed and efficiency of post-production are crucial now especially with the boom of online platforms.

Join fellow Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Filmmakers, Technicians, Production Managers and Editors who are eagerly trying to explore what they can achieve yet again with the latest technologies and presenting to their audiences.

Live Event & Entertainment / Venue Operators / Houses of Worships

Staging a memorable and dramatic event will require all elements to work together – cameras, audio, lighting, special effects and digital displays. To have the events live on the different platforms for a wider reach will require even more technological effort for a smooth transmission.

Join fellow Directors, Producers, Production Managers, Technical Managers, Lighting and Audio Technicians, Stage / Event Managers, Videographers, Systems Integrators and Facility Managers who strive to deliver a one-in-a-lifetime experience to their audiences.

Rental Houses / System Integrators

Having a full range of technological / product showcases from broadcasting and digital multimedia value chain all under one roof allows rental houses and system integrators ample opportunities to source for their latest products for their businesses.

Join fellow CEOs, Directors, GMs, VPs, Technical Managers, Product Managers and Business Development Managers in expanding their business portfolio and making new connections.

Advertising / Media Organisation

It’s all about reaching out to the target audience! Advertising and media organisations are looking at new and innovative ways of churning out online content, new formats and monetising them.

Join fellow CEOs, Head of Digital Media, Editors, Directors, Marketing Managers, Online Publishers and Brand Strategist find ways in building their brands and reaching out to new target audience in this digital multimedia industry.

Professionals from these industries/sectors should also visit BroadcastAsia:
  • Education & Training Institutions
  • Government Organisations
  • Telecom Operators
  • Reseller / Distributor / Agent
  • Manufacturer / OEM and others.

Expanding your network is easy! BroadcastAsia visitors will also be able to network with attendees across various industries such as Telecommunications, Government, Education, Hospitality and more.

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